Known Issues


Corrupt MultipartConfigElement in JBoss 6.1 (servlet 3.0 spec versions)

The JBoss servlet 3.0 library contains a corrupt MultipartConfigElement implementation that does not allow the location to be set (rendering it useless for anything but annotation-based use).  This appears to be fixed in their servlet 3.1 implementation.

If you want to create a MultipartConfigElement yourself, you can use the MultipartConfiguration implementation from Across.

The original file containing the problem can be found here.

WebApplicationInitializer fails to map on '/'

There is an issue with mapping the DispatcherServlet in servlet 3.0 in some versions of Tomcat and JBoss.

These containers will fail to map the DispatcherServlet via the AbstractDispatcherServletInitializer because Tomcat and JBoss already register a default Servlet on "/".

More info on, from this page:

Mapping to '/' under Tomcat

Apache Tomcat maps its internal DefaultServlet to "/", and on Tomcat versions <= 7.0.14, this servlet mapping cannot be overridden programmatically. 7.0.15 fixes this issue. Overriding the "/" servlet mapping has also been tested successfully under GlassFish 3.1.

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